cosmogenesis: the parents of man on earth (stanza vii)

Science teaches us that the living as well as the dead organisms of both man and animal are swarming with bacteria of a hundred various kinds.

But Science never yet went so far as to assert with the occult doctrine that our bodies, as well as those of animals, plants, and stones, are themselves altogether built up for such beings.

The same infinitesimal invisible lives compose the atoms of the bodies of the mountain and the daisy, of man and the ant, of the elephant, and of the tree which shelters him from the sun.

Each particle – whether you call it organic or inorganic – is a life.

What have “Fish, Sin and Moon” in the apocalyptic saying of the stanza to do in company with the “Life-microbes”?

With the latter nothing, except availing themselves of the tabernacle of clay prepared by them; with the divine perfect man everything, since “Fish, Sin and Moon” make conjointly the three symbols of the immortal Being.

The word “Sin” is curious, but has a particular occult relation to the Moon, besides being its Chaldean equivalent (Suen, in Akkadian prounounced Sin).”


H. P. Blavatsky

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