understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“How do agitators originate? By two means:   first, by the power of revolving any human discussion; second, by discordant entities who have failed on the Pathway of Light and want to spread only destruction.

Beloved Ones, incredible as it seems, I tell you that when only the human qualities are acting within the individual, as your Beloved Saint Germain has told you repeatedly, “The human ungoverned is more vicious than the animal in the jungle.”

It has proved true throughout the World for centuries.

This is why all of the Ascended Masters plead for Harmony in the feelings, and ask all to refuse acceptance to discordant things through conversation or otherwise.

It is the only means, Beloved Ones, by which you can free yourselves and your worlds and give the assistance to America which is required.

Remember again what your Beloved Saint Germain has recently said to you:    The Great Outpouring of Cosmic Light, for the first time in the history of the Earth, is making it possible to release Power under the Ascended Masters’ Dictation to dissolve destructive forces and conditions.

This has never been permitted because of the individual’s Free Will.

If you will realize this, you will find entering into your feeling world through your Heart, the Courage, Strength, and Power to release through your feeling, these Mighty Currents of Energy from the “Presence”.

Thus they go forth and do their work – not only in your individual world, but for others, for America, and for Europe.”


God Tabor

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