understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“Sometimes when you hear the Messengers use the powerful Statement: “‘Mighty I AM Presence’, turn it upside down and bring an Ascended Master Miracle of Your Perfection out of it”,  it means that the condition is being reversed.

Out of lack of understanding comes the True Understanding of the “Presence”. This Understanding is the Powerhouse by which all humanity is transformed.

May I remind you again today, that in calling your “Presence” into action to produce Harmony and Perfection in your world and America, Dear Ones, there is no struggle. There is no battle! There is no war feeling in it.

It is the Call to the Light. The Release goes forth; and the Light, knowing no resistance nor interference, just moves in, dissolving everything unlike Itself.

Keep reminding your outer intellect, which naturally charges your feeling world, that in the change which comes there need be no battle.

In the great calm serenity and issuing of these Decrees into the mental and feeling world of mankind, the Light – which is Self-luminous, Intelligent Substance – proceeds into action with the Infinite Power of the Universe to produce this result which you desire so much, and which is so imperative for America.

The achievement of the past three months is so very remarkable. We touch upon it occasionally to give you the Courage and Strength to realize how great it is. Words could not describe the achievement of the past three months, but I trust you will realize it in your feeling.

As you enter this marvelous Shrine Class, you will feel a Release of Power that you have never touched in your Life. Even the beloved Students who have been in touch with the Work from the beginning, will find an amazing release of Joy and Strength within them.”


God Tabor

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