understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“I say to you, Beloved Ones, and I plead with you:   do not give power to the gossip that goes about.

Unhappy, unfortunate individuals sometimes start those things; but I ask you everywhere, do not give power to them.

You cannot prevent human beings talking, but you can prevent gossip anchoring within your world. If you revolve it in thought or conversation, you are sure to anchor it within your feeling world.

Say to all those stories that are brought to your attention, “Is it not unfortunate that there are few who listen to such things!” Please do not do it, for your own sake. Dear Hearts, if you hear such things, let them die right there. Do not spread gossip, which is so foolish.

Harmony throughout the Students is the most needed thing. People who do not understand the “Presence” are not supposed to be able to control themselves like the Students should be able to do;

but if you move among people spreading discordant stories, do you not see mankind will say, “If that is a sample of the ‘I AM’ Students, then I do not care to be like them.”

Precious Ones, let Me impress upon you today as never before in your lives, that every one of you who says, “I am an ‘I AM’ Student”, must be an example of Perfection to all humanity.

If those who would like to become interested hear you discuss or repeat gossip or some discordant thing, then you have missed your opportunity to spread the Light.

If you allow yourself to give expression to those things while claiming to be an “I AM” Student, you are allowing the sinister force to act and bring in its destruction.

Today, I want to make this so clear and plain that no one ever again will yield to such a thing. What is it that wants to repeat and discuss discordant things? Certainly not the “Presence”!

Then, it is accumulated discordant qualities – possibly amplified by entities or something of that kind – which urge individuals to enter into such destructive feeling that they cannot accept the Light which would be their Freedom.”


God Tabor

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