understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“CHILDREN of the Light, your Hearts are reaching out so earnestly for your Freedom. Your loyalty to America is being proved so wonderfully in your mighty Decrees, which are being issued for that Freedom.

May I take just a little of Saint Germain’s Glory today? I belong to America too! Therefore, Dear Ones, I join with you and say that I have been working in the past for the Freedom of your beloved America. It shall come, Beloved Ones!

The Light is always more powerful than the shadow.

When you move in the sunlight you see your shadow following, you are not frightened at it, are you? When you are in an airplane and you pass through the clouds, often there is around the shadow of your plane a complete rainbow. Have you ever seen that? It is wonderful! It is marvelous!

Do you know what it means? It means the Radiance of the Light is always the governing power of the shadow. The shadow sometimes follows for a time and then disappears.

So it is, Beloved Ones, with human creation.

Mankind in the lack of understanding have to some degree welcomed it, not knowing how to get rid of it. The Truth is, individuals to a large degree were actually welcoming their own creation, therefore giving it power through the appearance world.

Now they have begun to understand that such things are not necessary and such appearances must all be changed.

In the understanding of the “Presence”, whose Power produces all change and brings in all Perfection, the whole current of energy released by mankind is being reversed.”


God Tabor

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