making of the universe: descending and ascending

“The “Builders” is a name including innumerable Intelligences, hierarchies of beings of graduated consciousness and power, who on each plane carry out the actual building of forms. The higher direct and control, while the lower fashion the materials after the models provided.

And now appears the use of the successive globes of the planetary chain.

Globe A is the archetypal world, on which are built the models of the forms that are to be elaborated during the round;

from the mind of the planetary Logos the highest Builders take the archetypal Ideas, and guide the Builders on the arupa levels as they fashion the archetypal forms for the round.

On globe B these forms are reproduced in varied shapes in mental matter by a lower rank of Builders, and are evolved slowly along different lines, until they are ready to receive an infiltration of denser matter;

then the Builders in astral matter take up the task, and on globe C fashion astral forms, with details more worked out;

when the forms have been evolved as far as the astral conditions permit, the Builders of globe D take up the task of form-shaping on the physical plane, and the lowest kinds of matter are thus fashioned into appropiate types, and the forms reach their densest and most complete condition.

From this middle point onwards the nature of the evolution somewhat changes; hitherto the greatest attention had been directed to the building of the form;

on the ascending are the chief attention is directed to using the form as a vehicle of the evolving life and on the second half of the evolution on globe D, and on globes E and F the consciousness expresses itself first on the physical and then on the astral and lower mental planes through the equivalents of the forms elaborated on the descending arc.

On the descending arc the Monad impresses itself as best it may on the evolving forms, and these impressions appear vaguely as impressions, intuitions, and so on;

on the ascending arc the Monad expresses itself through the forms as their inner ruler.

On globe G the perfection of the round is reached, the Monad inhabiting and using as its vehicles the archetypal forms of globe A.”


Annie Besant


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