making of the universe: lunar and solar pitris

“The nomenclature (designation) adopted by me is that of H. P. Blavatsky. In the valuable paper by Mrs. Sinnett and Mr. Scott-Elliot on the Lunar Pitris, H. P. B’s “Lower Dhyanis”, that incarnate in the third and fourth rounds, are taken as the first and second classes of Lunar Pitris; their third class is therefore H. P. B’s first class, their fourth class her second, and so on.

There is no difference in the statement of facts, only in nomenclature, but this difference of nomenclature may mislead the student if it be not explained.

As I am using H. P. B’s nomenclature, my fellow students of the London Lodge and the readers of their “Transaction” will need to remember that my first is their third, and so on sequentially.”


Annie Besant

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