making of the universe: lunar and solar pitris

“In some of the oral teachings given by H. P. Blavatsky to her more advanced pupils, she states:

“At the beginning of the evolution of our globe, the moon was much nearer to the earth, and larger than it is now. It has retreated from us, and shrank much in size. (The moon gave all her principles to the earth.)…A new moon will appear during the seventh round, and our moon will finally disintegrate and disappear.”

Evolution during the lunar manvantara produced seven classes of beings, technically called fathers, or Pitris, since it was they who generated the beings of the terrene manvantara. These are the Lunar Pitris.

More developed than these were two other classes – variously called Solar Pitris, Men, Lower Dhyanis – too far advanced to enter on the terrene evolution in its early stages, by requiring the aid of later physical conditions for their future growth.

The higher of these two classes consisted of individualized animal-like beings, creatures with embryonic souls, i.e., they had developed the causal body; the second were approaching its formation.

Lunar Pitris, the first class, were at the beginning of that approach, showing mentality, while the second and third had only developed the kamic principle.

These seven classes of the Lunar Pitris were the product the lunar chain handed on for further development to the terrene, the fourth reincarnation of the planetary chain.

As Monads – with the mental principle present in the first, the kamic principle developed in the second and third classes, this germinal in the fourth, only approaching the germ stage in the still less developed fifth, and imperceptible in the sixth and seventh – these entities entered the earth chain, to ensoul the elemental essence and the forms shaped by the Builders.”


Annie Besant

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