understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“When I think of a hundred and twelve years ago, during a time in My Ministry when the ravages of ill health were destroying mankind right and left, the Great Divine Director came to Me and said, “Why are you not rendering the Service of which you are capable?” I looked at Him in astonishment! I thought I was rendering Service.

Then, in His great Limitless Power, He showed Me clearly how I was only using a small part of the Power of My “Presence” needed to render the Service. He gave a Mighty Decree and asked Me to join in it, and what do you think happened?

Oh, Precious Ones, that very hour the ravage of that distressing condition stopped; and within seven days everyone was free from it. That is how limitless these great Powers are which you have come to know.

Do not let anything, Precious Ones, deprive you of the full feeling of your Victory, your ability and power to call this “Presence” and Energy forth into action without limit.

Do you not see, Precious Ones, you are moving in a world, a seething vortex of human suggestion?

When the Messengers came forth at the last Shrine Class, the suggestion had been spread that it would be the last Class they would ever hold. What foolishness!

Do you not see how the sinister force seizes upon one individual and then another, and causes them to start forth such a suggestion? Individuals take it up and one begins to wonder, and then another.

As Students, no longer accept that!

There will be many classes in Los Angeles; and there probably will be another out here in June or July – right here in Los Angeles. So do not accept those sinister suggestions from whatever source they come.

The Great Ascended Masters know Their Business and will carry It out.

We prompt you, do you not see, Precious Ones, in every way possible, to stabilize and help you to refrain from accepting these suggestions which deprive you of first one thing or another.”


Lady Master Leto

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