understanding the “i am”…that is you…


“When you are in the Radiation of the Class, Precious Ones, you receive – as you all agree, I am quite sure – a tremendous step-up, as you say in electrical parlance.

It is true you are tremendously raised; but do you understand, Blessed Students, that since the Beloved Messengers returned from Honolulu, everything which comes through this Activity is a permanently sustained Activity within you?

It cannot go back, it is not possible; neither can you. You cannot step back once you have entered into this Great Stream since that time.

You must all have noticed the magnificent change in your voices; the marvelous manner in which you issue these Decrees; and the marvelous qualities in your voices. Many wanted to sing and could not; then all at once they burst into song, surprising themselves.

These are wonderful Miracles, so-called; but mankind, because it is through themselves, look upon it as an ordinary thing. It is not; it is as miraculous and as great as many other things to which you give much greater notice.

Beloved Ones, you can change your thought and feeling immediately by a few moment’s attention to the “Mighty I AM Presence”.

When agitation, anger, and disturbance would rush in, you can calm it, silence it, and be free almost instantly. It is a magnificent thing, and We all had to do it.

I say, you are having assistance unheard of. Why? Because, Beloved Ones, you are deserving of It.”


Lady Master Leto

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