making of the universe: activity and sleep

“Of the connection between globe D of the lunar manvantara – our moon – and globe D of the terrene manvantara – our earth – we know a little more, and Mr. Sinnett has given a convenient summary of the slender knowledge we possess in The System to which we belong. He says:

“The new earth nebula was developed round a center bearing pretty much the same relation to the dying planet that the centers of the earth and moon bear to one another at present.

But in the nebulous condition this aggregation of matter occupied an enormously greater volume than the solid matter of the earth now occupies. It stretched out in all directions so as to include the old planet in its fiery embrace.

The temperature of a new nebula appears to be considerably higher than any temperatures we are acquainted with, and by this means the old planet was superficially heated afresh in such a manner that all atmosphere, water, and volatilizable matter upon it was brought into the gaseous condition and so became amenable to the new center of attraction set up at the center of the new nebula.

In this way the air and seas of the old planet were drawn over into the constitution of the new one, and thus it is that the moon in its present state is an arid, glaring mass, dry and cloudless, no longer habitable, and no longer required for the habitation of any physical beings.

When the present manvantara is nearly over, during the seventh round, its disintegration will be completed, and the matter which it still holds together will resolve into meteoric dust.””


Annie Besant

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