making of the universe: activity and sleep

“Even when we come to the planetary evolution in which our own world is a stage, we know nothing of the processes through which its seven globes evolved during its first two manvantaras; and of its third manvantara we only know that the globe which is now our moon was globe D of that planetary chain.

This fact, however, may help us to realize more clearly what is meant by these successive reincarnations of a planetary chain.

The seven globes which formed the lunar chain passed in due course through their seven-fold evolution; seven times the life-wave, the Breath of the planetary Logos, swept round the chain, quickening in turn each globe into life.

It is as though that Logos in guiding His kingdom turned His attention first to globe A, and thereon brought into successive existence the innumerable forms that in their totality make up a world;

when evolution had been carried to a certain point, He turned His attention to globe B, and globe A slowly sank into a peaceful sleep.

Thus the lifewave was carried from globe to globe, until one round of the circle was completed by globe G finishing its evolution; then there succeeded a period of rest (pralaya) during which the external evolutionary activity ceased.

At the close of this period, external evolution recommenced, starting on its second round and beginning as before on globe A.

The process is repeated six times, but when the seventh, the last round, is reached, there is a change.

Globe A, having accomplished its seventh life-period, gradually disintegrates, and the imperishable laya center state supervenes; from that, at the dawn of the succeeding manvantara a new globe A is evolved – like a new body – in which the “principles'” of the preceding planet A take up their abode.

This phrase is only intended to convey the idea of a relation between globe A of the first manvantara and globe A of the second; the nature of that connection remains hidden.”


Annie Besant

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