hello family of light :)

Good Morning Loves…It’s A Blessed Day To Be Alive…N To Serve God’s Purpose…Amen N Glory To The Exalted One ❤

A Thought 😯

Somewhere Along The Line Of History, The Masses Have Been Programmed To Believe That A Gun Exemplifies Strength And Power. That Is Misinformation People. That Idea Emanates From Ancient Times When Man Began To Resent N Reject The Goddess Principle Of The Woman, N Sought To Denounce And Oppress Her Power. Remember, The Goddess, At One Time In History, Ruled And Was Revered For The Sacredness Of Her Power. (Research) 💡 ❤

However, Because They Did Not Have The Life Giving N Life Saving Power Of The “Blood”…Man Had To Find Another Way To Attain That “power”…And That Old Patriarchal Mentality Sought To Draw That “power” Through Destruction, And By The “Drawing” Of Blood. 😐

This Could Be Some Of The Reasons That Men Tend To Be More Violent Than Women…Especially With A Gun…Because They Find “power” In The Ability To Destroy Life…Since They Are Unable To Bring It Forth…They Find “power” In The Ability To Draw Blood, Since They…Carry Not…The “Elixir Of Life”. o_O

Today, On A Massive Scale, We Are Seeing The Display Of This So-Called “power”, That Has Kept Humanity In A Cycle Of Destruction For Eons, Rampantly Exercising Itself In Our World; The RACISM OF GOVERNMENTAL FACTIONS, Who Are Supposed To Have Our Backs… Wielding Guns As Threatening Devices To Control Certain Populations…Aiming For The Extermination…Of A Race! ❤ ❤ ❤

Wars…Violence…N Straight Up Murder…All Because Some People Are Afraid To Take A Straight Up A** Whoopin’…Praise God 😐

The Fact That There Are Too Many Guns In Existence Used As Tools Of Destruction, Is True…But The Fact Is, Also, That The Guns Don’t Perform The Acts Of Themselves…But The Hands That Hold…And The Minds That Control Them Do…All Due To A Sense Of Ignorant Faith…In That Artificial “power”. 😕

So, Clear Your Minds…N TAKE YOUR POWER BACK! Use The God-Given Power Within You…To Do What You Got To Do…But Be Love In The Process! Ground Yourselves…Connect To The “I AM” In You…And Make It Do What It Do! Stand Up In A Way That Has Never Been Seen In Modern Times…Divinely, Intelligently , Lovingly, And Compassionately Directed…Yet Fiercely Determined To Stand By What Is Right…N What You Believe In…Amen ❤ ❤ ❤

Save Yourselves Loves 🙂 ❤


Y’all Be Love To All Of Creation 😎 ❤

Blavatsky quote


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