understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“What is your prayer as you previously knew it? A sincere desire of the Heart really; but in the lack of the Knowledge of your Individualized Principle of Life – which is God the “Mighty I AM Presence” – you were not anchored, so to speak, at your point in the Universe. Your consciousness was thinking of an Omnipresence.

Such a concept does not enable you to bring forth a definite, special activity and manifestation at a given point, as you do now in your Understanding of the “Mighty I AM Presence” as the Individualized “Presence” whose Ray beats your Heart.

That is what every one of mankind is seeking. They cannot reach Victory without It! All people have sought It, from every angle in which they have been interested.

So tonight, My Precious Ones, you are entering into the Gates of your Freedom. Will you accept It, that We may prove It through you? Is not that a fair promise?

Never in Our Experience was such an Offer even permitted; but the Great Cosmic Law today has said: 

❤ “Oh Children of the Light, awaken! Awaken! and shake yourselves free from the chains of human creation! Glorify yourselves in the Acknowledgment of the Principle of Life which is your ‘Mighty I AM Presence’, and stand forth Victorious in Its Light!” ❤

Mankind, without understanding that their Freedom depends upon this, cannot possibly and will not make the Application necessary for their Freedom.

That is why the need of Application has been stressed constantly to the Students everywhere. It is only through their Application that they can win the Victory of their Freedom.

❤ Every Assistance in the world is being given them now – for them, to them, and through them – so they may have all that is required, whether it be Strength, Life, Intelligent Direction, Health, or whatever is required. ❤

They can have it without limit in the Acknowledgment of their “Presence”.”


Annie Besant




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