understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“My FRIENDS of long ago, we are not strangers as you might at first think, for long have many of us known each other.

You of English ancestry and I have known each other for a long, long time; and those of you whom I have not met at previous times, I love you – every one.

As it has been My Privilege to render a Service for at least two centuries, so tonight it is My Joy and Privilege to give forth My Radiation to you while the Words are being spoken.

The Great Host of Ascended Masters are making a resistless effort to establish within your feeling, your thought, and your world, a Quality of the Ascended Master Activity which brings more quickly the mighty results that you crave.

Will you bear with Me while I pour forth this Radiation to you? Feel as deeply as you can the Reality of this “Mighty I AM Presence” which beats your Heart;

and that you can, by decreeing, retain the memory of what you do out of the body when you retire at night.

First, charge your consciousness to go forth into the Ascended Master’s Octave of Light, retain the memory and bring it back when you awaken in the morning. There are so many of you here for whom that is possible.

It has been My Privilege for long time to give Assistance in this way. If you will do that, I will endeavor to give you the Assistance which will give you not only the memory of what you have heard and seen in those Higher Octaves – where the Ascended Masters minister without the limitations which the human feels here – but that you may feel Their Courage brought back with you.

This is a vastly different thing, Precious Ones, from that which you endeavor to call forth and generate through Self-conscious activity in your attention to your “Presence”.

I mean, this will sustain and strengthen you tremendously in gaining your Victories through your own Application.”


Lady Master Leto

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