understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“Mrs. Ballard:  If I keep reminding you of those Pictures, will you and the Tall Master from Venus see that they come forth?

Lanto:  All will ere long come forth.

Now, Beloved Ones, all that We have desired for today has been accomplished.

Feel Our Love, Blessing, and Enfolding Presence; and if you decide to come back tomorrow morning, know that Our Presence will be with you.

But whether you are here or wherever you are, so long as harmony is maintained in your feelings, there will come Our Mighty Release and Assistance to you.

Do you know there is nothing throughout the centuries that makes Us so happy as to see people kindly and harmonious to each other, for it makes such a clear channel for the Outpouring of the Perfecting Activity.

This Perfecting Activity means everything in the world to everyone.

Blessed Ones, I convey to you the Love of the Great Ones from Venus and the Ascended Master Saint Germain, Beloved Master Jesus, Nada, the Mighty Divine Director, David Lloyd, Bob, Rex, Nada, and Pearl, Mr. and Mrs. Rayborn, Leto, Chananda, Cha Ara, Mr. Gaylord and His Friend.

In the Glory and Radiance of the Royal Teton, I salute and clothe you in My Radiance. I qualify It to be forever sustained and active within and about you, to more quickly perfect you and your world if you care to accept My Humble Efforts.

I say to you, adieu, but not good-bye.”



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