understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“Every one of Us who has attained the Victory through a much more difficult period than you have today, had the Assistance of Those who preceded Us in the Ascension.

Therefore, We were given strength and encouragement to stand firmly by this Mighty “Presence” – unyielding – until We began to see Our Achievement with sufficient fullness.

Thus, We did not lack in any sense for courage and strength.

These Ascended Master Qualities are so important. As the Messenger said to you a few minutes ago, it is encouragement and strength mankind needs, not kicks and blows because individuals have made a mistake.

All mankind have made plenty of mistakes. From the higher standpoint, one is little different from another. All is a falling short of Perfection.

So, now, in the Knowledge of your “Mighty I AM Presence” and the Great Cosmic Assistance which is being given, you are having the courage and strength to win your Victory.

Notice this, Dear Ones! We have gone through every step of the way that you have to go, and know through actual feeling every single step which you must make to gain this Freedom.

Then, will you believe Me when I tell you We know your requirements wholly and completely?

In the Wisdom which Saint Germain has brought forth, this knowledge is put in a simple, dynamic, powerful manner, in a terminology which all may easily understand.”


Lady Master Leto

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