understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“I want to say to you, Donald – for I think you did not hear this when We spoke to the Staff – it is Our Hope by the end of the Shrine Class at Christmas time, to dissolve and consume what remains of the one-third of your own human creation, which will set you wholly free from the pressure of your own creation. We must accomplish this through the Power of your “Presence”, as you call It forth into action.

This has never been possible before in the history of the Earth. This does not mean, Dear Ones, that you should let down one moment on your own firm determined Application; for it is important, even after your own human accumulation is dissolved and consumed, to keep up your own firm, determined Application.

Keep your world purified and cleansed of all discord that would attempt to act; for as long as you are moving in the outside world, the guard of Self-control must always be kept up until the day of your Ascension.

No matter if your body and world are greatly purified, as long as you are in the atomic structure, which has been to some degree responsible for registering discord, then you must keep up the guard for protection until your Ascension is attained.

Remember, in the greatest joy on Earth, if for any reason you did not accomplish your Ascension in this embodiment, then you would in the next, early in that life.

It means the Goal, Dear Ones – the final, complete Victory on Earth; the end of all pilgrimage on Earth!

As you really understand this, is there anything in the world which could give one greater strength and courage?”



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