understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“Go on and on and on, knowing that there is no longer such as thing as failure in your vocabulary or in your feeling world. It just means the certain Victory for all Eternity.

Be sure that all which is required for use in your great firm Acknowledgment of the “Presence” in calling It into action, will come forth and be released. Just go joyfully forward, making the Call for whatever is required, whether it be your airplane or whether it be other things required for your use.

The “Presence” does not mind how much you use constructively! It wants you to have whatever you want to use for any good purpose.

I think this has been said to you before:  One day there will be a plane which can fly over the Teton and rest there as long as is desired; but that one will not have gasoline engines.

I say to you Beloved Donald, there are currents of energy which can be used, so far surpassing the fuel in the outer world that there is really no comparison. All of this marvelous Perfection is rapidly pressing Itself forward into the outer world.

As you become more and more attuned to this great Stream of Energy, clear as crystal will come forth this glorious Perfection.

We hope – this is not a promise, but We hope – after more of this Work is accomplished and the Great Cosmic Light begins to take Its greater Dominion on Earth; that it will release the Messengers from the more strenuous activity.

Perhaps I too may be getting a little whimsical; but oh, many things that will rejoice you greatly will come forth.”



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