making of the universe: the final stages

“Then – mightiest of all achievements – he casts off the last fetter of separateness, the “I-making” faculty, which realizes itself as apart from others, for he dwells ever on the plane of unity in his waking consciousness, on the buddhic plane where the Self of all is known and realized as one.

(Ahamkara, generally given as Mana, pride, since pride is the subtlest manifestation of the “I” as distinct from others.)

This faculty was born with the soul, is the essence of individuality, and it persists till all that is valuable in it is worked into the Monad, and it can be dropped on the threshold of liberation, leaving its priceless result to the Monad, that sense of individual identity which is so pure and fine that it does not mar the consciousness of oneness.

Easily then drops away aught that could respond to ruffling contacts, and the chela stands robed in that glorious vesture of unchanging peace that naught can mar.

And the casting away of that same “I-making” faculty has cleared away from the spiritual vision the last clouds that could dim its piercing insight, and in the realization of unity, ignorance (Avidya, the first illusion and the last, that which make the separated worlds – the first of the Nidanas – and that which drops off when liberation is attained) – the limitation that gives birth to all separateness – falls away, and the man is perfect, is free.”


Annie Besant

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