making of the universe: special reincarnation

“Occasionally, but rarely, a chela may reincarnate in a body that has passed through infancy and extreme youth as the tabernacle of a less progressed Ego;

when an Ego comes to the earth for a very brief life-period, say for some fifteen or twenty years, he will be leaving his body at the time of dawning manhood, when it has passed through the time of early training and is rapidly becoming an effective vehicle for the soul.

If such a body be a very good one, and some chela be awaiting a suitable reincarnation, it will often be watched during its tenancy by the Ego for whom it was originally builded, with the view of utilizing it when he has done with it;

when the life-period of that Ego is completed, and he passes out of the body into Kamaloka on his way to Devachan, his cast-off body will be taken possession of by the waiting chela, a new tenant will enter the deserted house, and the apparently dead body will revive.

Such cases are unusual, but are not unknown to occultists, and some references to them may be found in occult books.”


Annie Besant

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