understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“We rejoice to see you all so happy.

Beloved Ones, know you not that happiness is the only means of releasing the great Powers which are now at your command and for your use?

Do not let anything or what someone else does disturb you. It only retards your own progress. Do not do it. Just be at peace and rest, trusting the Great “Presence” to do the perfect thing; and as you continue to call It into action, It cannot help but do all you require.

My daughter of long ago (Lotus), how clearly and often you have felt that connection in China, which was once so grand, so magnificent, and whose Light was so great.

Yet today it has become so degraded, so drawn under the domination of its own creation of discord and limitation.

Mrs. G. W. Ballard:  Can we not help them?

Lanto:  My Child, the Great Cosmic Light is soon to do Its Great and Perfect Work! The greatest thing which can be done is to call this Cosmic Light to do Its Perfect Work for China and India. The distortion that drove into China and India through the Priesthood was the thing which makes the deplorable condition that is there today.

In Tibet the fanatacism has grown so great that but for Our Knowledge of the Great Cosmic Light and Its refining, purifying activity, there would be but little hope for the restoration of that once great nation.

Still, you shall all see the change which will take place in the next hundred years – seemingly inconceivable in the face of conditions which reign there today.

As you know, human appearances have no power; who shall say what Perfection will reign, even sooner possibly than any dream?”



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