making of the universe: special reincarnation

“Either on the probationary Path or later, the chela is offered the privilege of performing one of those acts of renunciation which mark the swifter ascent of man.

He is allowed “to renounce Devachan”, that is, to resign the glorious life in the heavenly places that awaits him on his liberation from the physical world, the life which in his case would mostly be spent in the middle arupa world, in the company of the Masters, and in all the sublime joys of the purest wisdom and love.

If he renounce this fruit of his noble and devoted life, the spiritual forces that would have been expended in his Devachan are set free for the general service of the world, and he himself remains in the astral region to await a speedy rebirth upon earth.

His Master in this case selects and presides over his reincarnation, guiding him to take birth amid conditions conducive to his usefulness in the world, suitable for his own further progress and for the work required at his hands.

He has reached the stage at which every individual interest is subordinated to the divine work, and in which his will is fixed to serve in whatever place and in whatever way may be required of him.

He therefore gladly surrenders himself into the hands he trusts, accepting willingly and joyfully the place in the world in which he can best render service, and perform his share of the glorious work of aiding the evolution of humanity.

Blessed is the family into which a child is born tenanted by such a soul, a soul that brings with him the benediction of the Master and is ever watched and guided, every possible assistance being given him to bring his lower vehicles quickly under control.”


Annie Besant

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