understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“All human limitations shall cease from the Earth! The time has come when it has to be done.

Our Rejoicing is great that the Cosmic Light, directed by those Great Beings from the Great Central Sun to the Earth, makes it possible to do these things.

Beloved Ones, We must keep your attention upon this great Privilege, so you may more quickly gain the feeling of how great your Privilege is today in comparison to that of the centuries past, when those seeking the Light had to win every step of the way entirely by their own efforts.

For thousands of years mankind sought the Retreats of the World. Now, I shall use this opportunity to acquaint you with what that word means.

A Retreat does not mean a place in the outer world which any one may call a Retreat!

The word “Retreat” means those Mighty Focuses of Light which have been maintained for thousands and thousands of years, such as the Royal Teton, the Retreat in Arabia, Chananda’s Home in India. Those are Retreats.

Do not use those words lightly in your outer world today!

Realize that in the thousands of years in which mankind sought the World over for those Retreats, some found them and some did not. Few did!

Today the Power, the Activity which is within those Retreats has come to you in the outer world. It is very wonderful to feel, know, and see how many of the Beloved Students under Saint Germain are actually in their feeling accepting and being blessed by this magnificent Truth.

This great Privilege is theirs today, and it is ever expanding.”


Lord Maha Chohan

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