understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“This Light, the Light of the World has begun Its Journey in the Earth to free mankind.

Please remember, while it is for great groups of humanity to help consume what retards their Perfecting Activity, yet there is no power on Earth or anywhere else – visible or invisible – that can affect anyone of you or retard the expansion of your Light from your “Presence”, but yourself.

If you will discard everything, stand in your “Presence” and keep calling It into action, then you will have the Perfection which It is. As you gain the Victory, you will find soon that no condition of the outer world affects or touches you.

You must understand that this Good Messenger before you is the fulfilling of this Law. You know of all that has been projected at him – enough to destroy an army – yet it does not touch him. Then you must know that it is more than human.

The human cannot protect itself; but his assurance of the Power of the “Presence”, each day gaining Its greater Power and Authority, is the Invincible Protection which is about everyone.

If you do not claim It, how can you have Its use?”


Lord Maha Chohan

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