making of the universe: practice of sacrifice

“Every human life offers countless opportunities for this practice of the law of sacrifice, and every human life becomes a power as these opportunities are seized and utilized.

Without any expansion of his waking consciousness. a man may thus become a worker on the spiritual planes, liberating energy there which pours down into the lower worlds.

His self-surrender here in the lower consciousness, imprisoned as it is in the body, calls out responsive thrills of life from the buddhic aspect of the Monad which is his true Self, and hastens the time when that Monad shall become the spiritual Ego, self-moved and ruling all his vehicles, using each of them at will as needed for the work that is to be done.

In no way can progress be made so rapidly, and the manifestation of all the powers latent in the Monad be brought about so quickly, as by the understanding and the practice of the law of sacrifice. Therefore was it called by a Master, “The law of evolution for the man.”

It has indeed profounder and more mystic aspects than any touched on here, but these will unveil themselves without words to the patient and loving heart whose life is all sacrificial offering.

There are things that are heard only in stillness; there are teachings that can be uttered only by “the Voice of the Silence.” Among these are the deeper truths rooted in the law of sacrifice.”


Annie Besant

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