understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“That which is greater than mankind created mankind, and there cannot go on much longer this frightful dishonor to God in the misuse of God’s Life and Energy in this world. Therefore, if sometimes We have to be very positive in Our Command to human creation, be not disturbed. If you are not positive in your command to human creation, it will destroy you; and if We were not positive in the handling of that creation, it would have imposed much more distress upon you. Therefore, if you feel Our Presence near, if you feel Our Power around you, know that it is because We are controlling human creation that needs to be governed and consumed.

My Work of the centuries has not failed. I say to all the hordes of darkness and all their evil, they cannot take Me out of the Universe! They cannot undo My Work of the centuries! They cannot interfere with the Cosmic Law that commands the Purification of the Earth. (applause). Because they are brazen, does not mean they are greater than God.

Your “Beloved I AM Presence” – love It and bless It forever! Enter into Its Heart’s Flame and love to love your “Presence”. As soon as you enjoy pouring out Love to your “Presence”, the Door will swing wide and your “Presence” can bring into your outer use the things you have longed for, the things you require, and the things It wants to give you for your enjoyment.

So the closer you hold to Us, the safer is your supply in the future. I hope you understand what I mean tonight. There isn’t a thing you have in the outer world today that is secure. But your “Blessed I AM Presence” is secure for you forever. And We are secure! We are one thing the hordes of darkness cannot take out of existence. (applause). Thank you Precious Ones. So be of good cheer!

When I said I have overcome the world, it was that you might be encouraged and stay with your Demands that you, too, overcome the world. When I said, “’I AM’ come that I might bring you Life, and bring it more abundantly”, then I am fulfilling that Promise tonight in My Offer of this which I have mentioned to you this hour. When I said I would bring you Life and bring it more abundantly, it is that you might have more Perfection in your world. So if the world denies you that which is right, then turn back to your “Presence” and to Us, with greater determination and intensity; and realize that We will give you what the world will not or cannot. The Gifts that come from Our Octave, the world cannot give. And what the world denies you, We can give. You are not at the mercy of the world when you come to Us in Love, and when We answer you with God’s Command.

So Beloved Ones, go forward with Happy Hearts. Live close to Our Presence, and have the Miracles and Victories that you have called for! Have the Perfection of Our Octave, Have the Blessings of Our Life drawn into your world, that you may live in It with the Perfection that is in Our World, and yet be no more a part of the destructive conditions of the outer chaos of mankind’s own creation.

You are a being of Free Will, every hour of every day. You can either live in Our Consciousness and have the Happiness of Our Love, or you live in the outer world’s chaos by your own choice; for at any moment, you can think of Us, if you want to, even in the midst of the outer world’s chaos. You are not at the mercy of destructive forces. Straighten your spines; face your “Beloved I AM Presence”, and with all the Love at your command, ask It to make you feel at one with Its own Heart’s Flame. Ask It to project Its Heart Flame before you in anything you choose to do, and let It show you what Its own Heart’s Flame contains. And We will do likewise.”

Beloved Master Jesus The Christ

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