understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“When your Blessed Saint Germain offered the other night to try again to bring forth a group of people who are His “I AM” Legions of Honor to God, I stand with Him. And those Legions shall live! And those Legions shall be revealed to the Life in this world. (applause). Thank you Precious Ones.

So My Dear Ones, you are not without Honor, you are not without Friends; you are not without Power to cope with any situation that needs handling in order to compel the hordes of darkness removed from the Universe. They are but an accumulation of substance and energy which must dissolve within the Sacred Fire when We send It forth. Therefore, the more you depend upon your “Blessed I AM Presence” and upon your Calls to your “Presence” and to Us, the more will you find Us answering your Calls; and the quicker will those Calls bring the manifestations you require.

Now there is much to be done. Mankind in some channels are awakening. In others they are sleeping in the filth of the centuries, and just as surely as that filth exists will it be burned out of them and out of the Universe. You may relieve some of that suffering by the more Calls and use of the Violet Consuming Flame. The more you use that, the more you will reduce the distress of mankind. But a certain amount of Activity must be released to shock mankind out of their selfishness. Selfishness is the root of all evil; therefore, when they hold to themselves that which belongs to God, then their distress becomes greater and greater, until they loosen that hold and that energy goes back to its Source to be purified and used to produce Perfection as Life intends.

You cannot fool with your own Life; and every bit of energy with which you do anything is you, your own Life. Therefore, since you give your Life to these conditions of the outer world, if conditions around you are not what you like, remember that sometime, somewhere you gave your life to that condition. Therefore, if you call on the Law of Forgiveness for your own misuse of your Life’s energy and ask for the Violet Consuming Flame to correct the mistake and adjust the outer activity, then that Sacred Fire will come and fulfill your Call, for that Call is in agreement with the Fulfillment of the Divine Plan.

Dear Ones, in your Decrees, when you make your Calls to Us, your energy comes into Our Octave; and there it is charged with the Fulfillment of your Calls, and the Flame of Our Love that wants to answer those Calls that bring Greater Perfection into this world permanently. We have waited a long time for mankind to give response to these Magnificent Laws of Life, and the Hour is approaching when they are going to awaken, whether they want to or not!”

Beloved Master Jesus The Christ

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