understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“Beloved Ones, I am nearer than breathing and closer than hands and feet. There is nothing that stands between your physical sight and My Visible, Tangible Presence except energy that is vibrating at a rate of vibration and a frequency of vibration that, as yet, your eyes do not see. Now that can easily be consumed. I am going to make you feel My Presence more tangibly – if you want Me. (applause). Thank you Precious Ones. Won’t you be seated, please.

When I said in those early days, “Be thou made whole”, the Power acted instantly. And I hope you do not feel that I have lost any of My Power over the last two thousand years. And I am going to remind you again: I am not and never was a man of sorrows! How could I be sorrowful when I have the Power and the Perfection and the Authority of God? I am going to break that concept in the minds of men; for that concept of Me must be wiped out of the Universe, and if I have to come again and again and again, visible and tangible to all, I shall break the wrong concepts of Me! (applause). Thank you, Precious Ones.

That which is not the Truth, and the Perfection and Reality of Eternity must be consumed and must cease to be. Therefore, the mental and feeling world of mankind must be purified; and since to bring the Truth of the Reality of My Perfection is part of my Service to Life, then I shall bring It. Through the centuries the sinister force has done every diabolical thing it could think of to cast dishonor and discredit upon Me and the Blessing I brought to Life; and I still shall consume that which dishonors My Source, the “Mighty I AM Presence” in the Great Central Sun.

So Beloved Ones, in the task which lies ahead of us in either cleansing the Nation or the world, weary not of well doing; and know that as you go forward determined to consume from the Universe that which has no right to live, you are in Divine Agreement with the Great Divine Plan of Perfection and Our Command to Life. That is why I said I can come as close to you as you want Me.

If together We release this Greater Power to compel Purity in this world, then the very Purity which We release will automatically make you see me, visible and tangible. There is only a breath between – just a vibration in the atmosphere that your eyes do not as yet penetrate – but that does not mean that they are not going to penetrate, because I shall help you consume the veil between.”

Beloved Master Jesus The Christ

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