understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“Beloved of My Heart, let Us enter into the deep realization tonight of the closeness with which We are coming to you in the outer, physical octave. As My Work through the centuries, and especially through the last two thousand years, has gone on in Its ever-expanding Cosmic Action, I wish you to know and understand tonight that I am still guarding My Work of long ago. Therefore, “I AM” the Guarding Presence of all who have sought Me and have sought the Light through Me.

“I AM” the Guardian also of the Beloved Saint Germain’s Work to set mankind Free. I am not going to see My Work fall into ruins, and His Work is not going to fall into ruins! So, I ask you to feel tonight the closeness of Our Presence as a very Tangible Reality and an Ever-Present Activity which you can draw into your world through the Open Door which I said “I AM”, when I said, “’I AM’ the Open Door that no man can shut.” I meant that for Eternity would My Life’s Flame stand as an Opening and as a Magnet to draw mankind into the Octave of the Ascended Host.

As you find Us becoming more and more Tangible in Our Activities to release some of the frightful conditions from this world, you may understand that you can come as close to us as you desire and as you have time to require. If you will take the time to accept Our Presence, you will find Our Presence there. If you want Our Assistance to your Nation and the world, then give Us the Opening through your attention and your time; and let Us come through into outer world conditions and do that which We alone can do.

When I said, “Lo, ‘I AM’ with you always”, it was because I knew that I would stand and hold this Door open – because no man can shut It. Therefore, the Power and the Activities of Perfection which are Mine in this Ascended Master Octave are ever awaiting an opportunity to flow into your outer use at all times, to make your Pathway easier, to bring you more Protection and more Supply, to reveal to you Perfection, and to be the Drawing Power that raises your world into the Perfection of Ours.

Now these things I have offered! These things I am still offering! My Activities are just as visible and tangible in this world as They were during the time of My Ministry. Therefore, you can have all of My Perfection that you want or that you take time to receive. I am constantly pouring and surging forward the Gifts which I have a right to give. I am constantly drawing the life energy and substance of this world up into the Perfection of My Octave of Life. Therefore, you can know Me as intimately as you choose. You can come as close to me as you desire, and you can have as much of My Help as you will give time to the reception of My Presence.

I have not deserted the Earth in this hour of its greatest need. I said long ago that “I AM” the Guardian, or one of the Guardians of Beloved Saint Germain’s “I AM” Activities. “I AM” the Guardian of those under this Radiation if they want Me; but if they want the world more than they want Me, then I must recede, until they do want Me.”

Beloved Master Jesus The Christ

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