understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“Feel your closeness to Me, and I will come to you in many ways ye yet know not of; but I shall make Myself felt! I shall make Myself understood! I shall make Myself tangible and visible and felt by all who will call Me into those conditions that must be purified. Then you and others who are to come into this Activity of the “Blessed I AM Presence” will be as those who are awake. And you, in the use of this same Great Master Christ Love and Power of Eternal Light of your “Blessed I AM Presence” will be the Light Bearers that awaken those who still sleep in the gratification of their senses – which will only produce discord and limitation until the Eternal Divine Desires of Immortal Love from their “Blessed I AM Presence” , are allowed to blaze through the outer self and hold Command forever.

Therefore, feel hourly My Greater Power of this Master Christ Love Flame coming into the very atmosphere you breathe. Know It is the “Healing Presence”. Know that when My Heart’s Flame blazes forth, Peace must command. When I choose to send that Flame forth, no discord can stand within Its Presence. Destruction must stop. And if you ask the Master Christ Love of Creation to take the place of everything that is not that Love, then you give Us a free hand to go forward in outer conditions and dissolve and consume those activities that have but hypnotized mankind into the destructive conditions that are engulfing them, until some Activity of Love blazes the Light of Its Radiation through the shadows of human selfishness, and calls once again to the Heart of Light in those Life Streams who are caught in the shadows.

And when the Ray of Light goes forth in the darkness to seek out a loved one caught in the discord of Earth, then you will know what Joy really means – when you stand and use the Power of the Master Christ Love of your own “Blessed I AM Presence”, send forth Its Light Ray to those in the darkness, and call them into their Home of Light. Then will the Redemption of the Earth talked about for so long become a living Reality, by the Master Christ Love within Life which I pour forth, and which the Master Christ Presence of every Blessed “I AM” Student throughout the world is sending forth into the shadows of distress, to awaken those who have been caught in the whirlwind of their own desires.”

Beloved Master Jesus the Christ

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