understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“Try to know with every fiber of your being what it means when you say, “’I AM’ the Master Christ Authority of Perfection! ‘I AM’ the Master Christ Presence of the Victorious Miracle Christ!” These are various Activities of the Greater Powers of your “Blessed I AM Presence” to produce conditions in outer manifestation, wherever you call Them forth, and turn your attention to releasing Life from the discord that has been the misuse of God’s Mighty Energy and Life and Substance.

If, with those of Us who are guarding the Destiny of your Nation, you stand feeling your closeness, your Oneness with Us – feel Our Power of Light in you – because when We send a Feeling of Love to you to enfold the physical form to bring Peace within the feelings or to purify the conditions around you, the feeling of Our Love is Power from Our Octave; and that is ever-expanding and ever raising everything It contacts into Its own greater Perfection.

And when you call forth the Fiery, Miracle Master Christ Presence into the conditions of your physical world, you will find Mastery a very real, tangible, practical thing. It is but a command of your attention and the concentration of all your energy to this acceptance and use of Our Heart’s Flame of the Master Christ Love of the Universe. Try Me out and see whether It produces the Perfection that makes discord cease at your Command, and reveals to your fellowman the hope of Eternity.

When I said, “If I be lifted up, I will draw all mankind unto Me”, then by the very intensity of My Love to you I shall awaken you into the use of your Divine Powers of the Master Christ Presence of the “Mighty I AM”, until your desire to use those Powers to fulfill the Divine Desires of your Life Stream shall bring you such a thrill of Joy, shall reveal to you such Mastery and such Freedom, that never again will you look to the shadows; but your happiness will come from there where Eternal Command is obeyed everywhere that you call It into outer action.

Remember Me as often as you can, until that Hour when all mankind must behold me face to face. Others will come with Me. The Angelic Host must be seen. Mankind must give Them more acceptance. They must cooperate with the Fulfillment of the Great Divine Plan. And the Mighty Ascended Host – who throughout the Ages have stood the Guardians of mankind and consumed again and again their unfortunate creation – these Great Beings must be known and accepted and loved and given the credit for that which They have done throughout the centuries.
Mankind can no longer be allowed to go on and deny any longer the Source that has helped then through the Ages, and that stands ready to help them still, but which is the Authority over any further production of that which dishonors God, or seeks to destroy His Handiwork.”

Beloved Master Jesus the Christ

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