understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“When you have to explain this “I AM” Instruction to people of the outer world who many times do not quite understand what happens when you say the Word “I AM”, remind them always that they have been using It constantly down through the ages to say to the rest of the Life around them what they are going to manifest. The people of the outer world have used the Word “I AM” and have acknowledged manifestation – some good, some not good – and all the time not understanding what happens when they use the Word “I AM”.

When you say, “I AM”, you are the Heart Flame from the Great Central Sun at your point in the Universe, announcing manifestation that is to come and be sustained. Mankind does it every day but does not realize what the cause and effect are that are produced when that Command goes forth. When you awaken in the morning you say, “Well, I am going downtown.” Well, you’re not moving downtown that moment. You are announcing what manifestation you, as the God Flame from the Great Central Sun, want to produce in outer action that fulfills your Divine Plan. And until mankind understands It and stop using It followed by negative conditions, the creation goes on, because thoughts are things, words are things, and feelings are things.”

Beloved Archangel Michael

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