isis unveiled, vol. 2: chapter v (mysteries of the kabala)

“Says Hermas: “And, in the middle of the plain, he showed me a great white rock, which had risen out of the plain, and the rock was higher than the mountains, rectangular, so as to be able to hold the whole world; but that rock was old, having a gate hewn out of it, and the hewing out of the gate seemed to me to be recent.”

In the Sohar we find: “To 40,000 superior worlds the white of the skull of His Head, (of the most Sacred Ancient in absconditus), is extended. When Seir, (the first reflection and image of his Father, the Ancient of the Ancient), will, through the mystery of the seventy names of Metatron, descend into Iezirah, (the third world), he will open a new gate. …The Spiritus Decisorius will cut and divide the garment, (Shekinah), into two parts. …At the coming of King Messiah, from the sacred cubical stone of the Temple a white light will be arising during forty days. This will expand, until it encloses the whole world. …At that time King Messiah will allow himself to be revealed, and will be seen coming out of the gate of the garden of Odan, (Eden). ‘He will be revealed in the land Galil.’ …When ‘he has made satisfaction for the sins of Israel, he will lead them on through a new gate to the seat of judgment.’ At the Gate of the House of Life, the throne is prepared for the Lord of Splendor.”

Further on, the commentator introduces the following quotation: “This rock and this gate are the Son of God. ‘How, Lord’, I said, ‘is the rock old and the gate new?’ ‘Listen’, He said, ‘and understand, thou ignorant man. The son of God is older than all of his creation, so that he was a Councilor with the Father in His works of creation; and for this he is old.’”

Now, these two assertions are not only purely kabalistic, without even so much as a change of expression, but Brahmanical and Pagan likewise. “Vidi virum excellentem coeli terraeque conditore natu majorem. …I have seen the most excellent, (superior), MAN, who is older by birth than the maker of heaven and earth”, says the kabalistic Codex. The Eleusinian Dionysus, whose particular name was Iacchos, (Iaccho, Iahoh) – the God from whom the liberation of souls was expected – was considered older than the Demiurge. At the mysteries of the Anthesteria at the lakes, (the Limnae), after the usual baptism by purification of water, the Mystae were made to pass through to another door, (gate), and one particularly for that purpose, which was called “the gate of Dionysus”, and that of “the purified”.

In the Sohar, the kabalists are told that the work-master, the Demiurge, said to the Lord: “Let us make man after our image.” In the original texts of the first chapter of Genesis, it stands: “And the Elohim, (translated as the Supreme God), who are the highest gods or powers, said: “Let us make man in our, (?), image, after our likeness.” In the Vedas, Brahma holds counsel with Parabrahma, as to the best mode to proceed to create the world.”

H. P. Blavatsky

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