understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“So Blessed Ones, you can live in Our World of the Sacred Fire. And We knew that when We gave you the use of Our Ascended Master Consciousness. Now We give you the use of Our Sacred Fire Manifestations that only Our Love can produce. So if you clothe yourselves in the Angelic Host’s Miracle Mantle of the Sacred Fire Manifestations, the Answers to your Calls will not only come more quickly, but Our Visible, Tangible Presence will come more quickly. And when We come, We come to render a certain Service.

So, as you move forward into outer physical conditions to correct them, you will need this to which I refer, because Its Indestructible Protection is absolutely imperative around you if you are to enter into outer world activities and consume that which the sinister force has generated. And until the sinister force is completely consumed, your Protection is absolutely necessary when you move in the outer world. So We commend you to the use of those Powers from the Ascended Masters’ Octave that have made Us master over all in manifestation.

And now you need Our Mastery to stand against the conditions of the outer world until they are purified for Eternity. So, We clothe you in whatever Sacred Fire Miracle Manifestations will help you to gain your Freedom and keep you indestructibly protected until the Cosmic Law has raised you into the Freedom and the Mastery of the Angelic Host’s Almighty Power of Victory over all in this world.

I commend you to that Mighty Attainment which is, I assure you, part of your Attainment of the Ascension. Our Love will ever abide with you. The Sacred Fire will ever control conditions in and around you. And your Freedom depends on the amount of It you call forth in and around yourselves – and that which you use to free your Nation – because as your Nation becomes Free by the Sacred Fire, you, being a part of it, must automatically become Free also, in the Victory of the Ascension. So, the Angelic Host’s Sacred Fire forever abides with you to raise you to Eternal Freedom. Thank you with all My Heart.”

Beloved Archangel Michael

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