understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“Blessed Ones, I hope you will wear the Cosmic Miracle Mantle of the Angelic Host’s Sacred Fire Victory over all in this world. You can have It! I offer It! I am privileged to offer It; and there are others – every Ascended Master can offer It. And you will find It is a very tangible Reality; and in a moment of crisis, It can become instantly a Precipitated Garment. This is what the Higher Mental Body does when the individual, calling to the “Mighty I AM Presence” in an hour of crisis or accident, when the Call goes forth for Protection, the Higher Mental Body can precipitate that Body or that Garment instantly, and catch the physical body and carry it back to safety. It has been done millions of times on this Earth. It can be done again! (applause). Thank you so much.

I will not hold you longer; but just learn to live in the Ascended Masters’ World of the Miracle Manifestations of the Sacred Fire that will never again allow human creation to touch you. You can have It if you decree It! You can have It if you call It forth! You can have It if you love It! But you can’t have It if you doubt It. When you doubt that which is Greater than yourselves, you lock the door of your own world against the Fulfillment of your own Call.

So, to those who will accept Us, and will accept the use of this, I assure you, your Blessings will be without limit for Eternity. They will forever set you Free, and They will clothe you with the Power to set others Free. So, it is well worth every effort that you make to come into the use of every Activity of the Sacred Fire that sets your Nation Free.

Tonight, may this Nation be filled with the Angels of the Sacred Fire, Their Miracle Manifestations pour forth with such Power that the hordes of evil cannot move; and they are dissolved and consumed – or removed as quickly as possible by the Cosmic Law. Blessed Ones, just experiment with two or three days, calling forth around yourselves the Angelic Host’s Miracle Mantle of Sacred Fire Manifestations of the Indestructible Perfection and Protection and Victory that is the Angelic Host’s Control of everything in this manifested world; and see for yourselves Its Control of physical conditions around you.

And if you pour your Love to those conditions, the Sacred Fire’s Love will as surely transmute them into Perfection as you make the Call. So just go forward, become aware of It by using It; and then as you become the Fulfillment of the Cosmic Law, your Power becomes part of your Life Stream for Eternity; and your world then becomes Our World of the Sacred Fire’s Loving Control of Manifestation.”

Beloved Archangel Michael

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