understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“When you call forth the Invincible, Limitless Legions of the Angels and the Cosmic Beings of the Sacred Fire to come everywhere into this Nation, and to possess it and rule it and save it – free it from that which is of discord – there are many within your borders who are not “I AM” Students, but who will accept the Reality and the Presence of the Ascended Host and those Activities of the Sacred Fire that come for Purification. So this Call sent forth by you will bless all who will be receptive at this time, will awaken all who understand and know the reality of the Angelic Host and the Cosmic Beings.

This is Power which We hope to awaken within the masses of enough of the people to be the control of conditions within your Land that will prevent that which the sinister force wants to produce in the way of desecration. Now call this forth, especially into Washington, D.C., and Chicago. Washington, D.C. can be so filled with all Activities of the Sacred Fire that It absolutely holds bound, helpless, and inactive everything the sinister force has created or focused there. This will hold certain control of the conditions in the atmosphere over the cities in this Nation that is the feeding energy to much of the destruction that is intended.

There are Unlimited Legions of all Activities of the Sacred Fire, and so if you will give Us this Assistance, if you will call It into the physical conditions of this world, then the Cosmic Law, when enough people call, will automatically answer with the Manifestations of the Sacred Fire in the conditions around you, by which control is maintained and violence prevented.

If people don’t accept Our Reality or don’t believe We are here, that’s got nothing to do with Our Visible, Tangible Presence – because if there are those who accept Us, call to Us, and are answered by Us they will benefit by their acceptance of Our Reality and their cooperation with Our request.

Mankind is coming to the hour of complete awareness of the Reality of the Ascended Masters, the Cosmic Beings, and the Angelic Host; and this is part of the way We open the Door! (applause). Thank you so much. If you, through your use of Our Ascended Master Consciousness, call the Cosmic Law into action to reveal Our Visible, Tangible presence, there will be the Descent of certain Activities of the Sacred Fire that will not only answer your Call, but will purify the atmosphere – at least where We appear.”

Beloved Archangel Michael

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