isis unveiled, vol 2: chapter v (mysteries of the kabala)

“The Supreme Lord of splendor and of light, luminous and refulgent, before which no other existed, is called Corona, (the crown); Lord Ferho, the unrevealed life which existed in the former from eternity; and Jordan – the spirit, the living water of grace. He is the one through whom alone we can be saved; and thus, he answers to the Shekinah, the spiritual garment of En-Soph, or the Holy Ghost. These three constitute the trinity abscondito.

The second trinity is composed of the three lives. The first is the similitude of Lord Ferho, through whom he has proceeded forth; and the second Ferho is the King of Light – MANO, (Rex Lucis). He is the heavenly life and light, and older than the Architect of heaven and earth. The second life is Ish Amon, (Pleroma), the vase of election, containing the visible thought of the Iordanus Maximus – the type, (or its intelligible reflection), the prototype of the living water, who is the “spiritual Jordan”.

Third life, which is produced by the other two, is ABATUR, (Ab, the Parent or Father). This is the mysterious and decrepit “Aged of the Aged”, “Ancient Senem sui obtegentem et grandaevum mundi.” This latter third Life is the Father of the Demiurge Fetahil, the Creator of the world, whom the Ophites call Ilda-Baoth, though Fetahil is the only-begotten one, the reflection of the Father, Abatur, who begets him by looking into the “dark water”; but the Lord Mano, “the Lord of loftiness, the Lord of all genii”, is higher than the Father, in this kabalistic Codex – one is purely spiritual, the other material.

So, for instance, while Abatur’s “only-begotten” one is the genius Fetahil, the Creator of the physical world, Lord Mano, the “Lord of Celsitude”, who is the son of Him, who is “the Father of all who preach the Gospel”, produces also an “only-begotten” one, the Lord Lehdaio, “a just Lord”. He is the Christos, the anointed, who pours out the “grace” of the Invisible Jordan, the Spirit of the Highest Crown.

In the Arcanum, “in the assembly of splendor, lighted by MANO, to whom the scintillas of splendor owe their origin”, the genii who live in light “rose, they went to the visible Jordan, and flowing water…they assembled for a counsel…and called forth the Only-Begotten Son of an imperishable image, and who cannot be conceived by reflection, Lebdaio, the just Lord, and sprung from Lebdaio, the just Lord, whom the life had produced by his word.”

Mano is the chief of the seven Aeons, who are Mano, (Rex Lucis), Aiar Zivo, Ignis Vivus, Lux, Vita, Aqua Viva, (the living water of baptism, the genius of the Jordan), and Ipsa Vita, the chief of the six genii, which form with him the mystic seven. The Nazarene Mano is simply the copy of the Hindu first Manu – the emanation of Manu Swayambhuva – from whom evolve in succession the six other Manus, types of the subsequent races of men. We find them all represented by the apostle-kabalist John in the “seven lamps of fire” burning before the throne, which are the seven spirits of God”, and in the seven angels bearing the seven vials. Again, in Fetahil we recognize the original of the Christian doctrine.”

H. P. Blavatsky

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