understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“There is not one thing of mankind’s human creation, or all put together, can stand against the Sacred Fire Power of the Angelic Host. And I wish to assure you of that tonight so you will not only feel closer to Us, but you will feel the Power which We wield, projected into destructive conditions to force their annihilation from existence.

You must give recognition to the Love and the Service the Angelic Host are giving if there is to come into your being and world the Freedom which the Sacred Fire Love of the Angelic Host is to Life everywhere. When the Angels come, They come to bring Freedom. When They come and pour Their Love and Their Purity, it is that unascended beings may be free from problems and limitations.

When the Protecting Angels come and blaze the Sacred Fire around an individual or a condition, that Sacred Fire is established there for Eternity. I want you to accept tonight the Fulfillment of every Word I tell you, because it’s the Truth; and only the Truth will ever set you Free – and when the Angelic Host project the Sacred Fire of Immortal Truth, you’ve got to have Freedom! (applause – audience rising). Thank you so much Precious Ones. Won’t you be seated, and please just remain so.

How would you feel if someone you loved and who needed your assistance, needed your love, and you had the capacity to give it, and then the individual wouldn’t turn around to receive it? How would you feel? Well, now you have a slight idea of what the Angelic Host have to wait to give, because mankind either does not accept the Presence of the Angelic Host, or does not make the Call, or does not believe We are Real and can give the Help.

Tonight, I wish to bring Our Ascended Master Feeling and Assurance to you – of Our Presence with you, and of the Power of the Sacred Fire, which is Our Realm of Existence, to come in and around you and render the Service which only the Angelic Host can give. We have Gifts unbelievable to unascended mankind. We have Invincible, Immortal Cosmic Power to wield; and I assure you, the Love of the Angelic Host is not understood by mankind in this world.

Very little comprehension is in the human intellect or in the feeling of how intense is the Sacred Fire Love of the Angelic Host. Therefore, tonight We are taking away a certain vibratory action in the atmosphere about you and in your emotional bodies. We are taking it away because it is a veil between your physical sight and Our Visible, Tangible Presence.

Now it becomes your Privilege to call Our Visible, Tangible Presence and Our Miracle Manifestations of the Sacred Fire in and around yourselves, and into conditions in the physical world, to produce Ascended Master Victory, to produce the Angelic Host’s Almighty Protection, and to hold the Divine Plan made manifest, fulfilled in the physical octave, and protected against any human creation.”

Beloved Archangel Michael

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