understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“Beloved Ones of the Mighty Saint Germain’s Family, We come to make you feel the nearness of the Sacred Fire’s Mastery over the physical conditions of this world. The Presence of the Angelic Host, as They pour forth more of the Sacred Fire in and around each of you, will clear the atmosphere about you and make it more tangible, so far as you are concerned. It will make the Presence of the Angelic Host more tangible to you. It is one thing to just see and Ascended Being or an Angel; and it’s another thing to feel the Fullness of the Power of the Sacred Fire, not only which They direct, but which They are. Therefore, as We come nearer and nearer into the physical octave of Earth, it is to consume as much as possible of the human creation of individuals to whom We come, that they may more readily see Us, feel Us, and cooperate with Us – so that the Sacred Fire that We bring produces the Miracles and the Victories in their worlds for which they call.

The Angelic Host has rendered tremendous Service down through the ages and always will. But mankind needs to know not only Their Reality but must understand something of the way the Angelic Host serve Life, by bringing into the physical conditions the Eternal Perfection from the Ascended Masters’ Octave. Now let Me assure you that when the Cosmic Law permits one or more of the Angelic Host to come into your physical octave to render Service, it is because a certain amount of Sacred Fire is drawn there permanently.

Whatever Gifts the Angelic Host bring into the physical octave, those Gifts are the Manifestations of the Sacred Fire; and They are established either in, through, and around the individual who is being helped, or the locality or the condition that is to be changed by Their Sacred Fire Love to Perfection.

It is sometimes almost unbelievable that mankind can sleep in the shadows and the suffering and the limitation of discord, and forget the Great Cosmic Beings that are waiting to help them. Down through the ages all of mankind has been taught, “Call unto Me and I will answer thee!” The Angelic Host is the Way and Means that Life provides to bring that Answer into the physical octave of this world. Therefore, those of you who accept the Reality of the Angelic Host, who hold the outer self-purified and quiet, can have as much of the Power of Our Sacred Fire Love as you can possibly use from time to time.

When the Mighty Saint Germain and others of the Ascended Host have said to you: “Spread the Violet Consuming Flame over a condition, pour your love to it, and call for its Invincible Victory and Perfection to manifest”, the Way that Victory and Perfection do manifest is because an Angel – one or more of the Violet Consuming Flame – comes immediately when you give recognition, and will draw whatever Sacred Fire is necessary to fulfill your Call, so long as it be constructive; so long as it is the Work of the Christ; so long as it is the Manifestation of the Christ; so long as it is the Fulfillment of the Great Divine Plan.”

Beloved Archangel Michael

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