understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“Now the Angels of the Sacred Fire have healed and healed and healed mankind, and how do you suppose the healing has gone forth? By the Purifying Action of Their Sacred Fire Love. Every bit of healing that’s ever taken place on the Earth has been the Radiation of some Activity of the Sacred Fire’s Love from both the “Mighty I AM Presence” and the Ascended Host. The Angelic Host – one of the main Activities of the Angelic Host is to render that Service of Healing to mankind until there is enough Purity manifested for the individual to draw forth the Power of Eternal Healing from each one’s own “Beloved I AM Presence” and the Ascended Masters’ Octave.

So the Healing Angels are no figment of any one’s imagination! The Protecting Angels are Legions who wield the Sword of Blue Flame, and that’s no figment of anybody’s imagination. When an Ascended Being or a Cosmic Being of the Angelic Host choose to direct the Sword of Blue flame into a destructive force – or focus of destructively qualified energy mankind has created, perhaps maintained for centuries – the Blue Flame goes forth and enters into that condition, and forces into annihilation every destructive vibration of energy within it, consumes the substance, and compels the end of that which defies the Perfection of Life.

It has not been decided yet, but it is just possible that the Cosmic Law will give a Dispensation for the Angelic Host to produce certain Manifestations of the Sacred Love of the Sacred Fire’s Immortal Purity before every atheist on the Earth! (applause). Thank you so much. And I can assure you, the Angels and the Archangels who wield that Cosmic Sword of Blue Flame can stiffen anybody in their tracks – stiffen the human body in its tracks until that consciousness obeys, until that consciousness acknowledges the Authority and the Power of the Cosmic Beings who direct the Sacred Fire’s Immortal Purity and Love to the Earth.

Not all the atheists in existence can any longer oppose the Onrushing Fulfillment of the Divine Plan – the Eternal Fiat of the Cosmic Law that mankind shall awaken from the sleep of the senses, from the denial of the Great Perfection of Life, and be compelled to be purified and give obedience, and then compelled to make restitution to the Life that it has defied. Don’t think for one minute the sinister force, or the benighted human beings who are the slaves to its lies and its destruction, are masters of either the planet nor infinite space around the planet. They’re not masters of the Ascended Host!

And it isn’t a matter of faith to draw the Power or acknowledge the Ascended Host. It just happens to be the Law of Electronics – the Law of Creation, the Law of Perfection, the Law of Manifestation. And one that is not bound by the darkness of his or her own selfishness automatically accepts; and where individuals don’t accept the reality of Cosmic Beings who have created the Perfection upon this Earth – is in a shell of darkness of his or her own mental concepts and destructive feeling.

But even that darkness can be shattered and annihilated by the Cosmic Sword of Blue Flame in the Hands of any of the Ascended Host. Mankind’s ignorance and darkness and destruction and degradation is to be consumed, and everybody might just as well get used to the idea as soon as possible! (applause). Thank you so much.”

Beloved Archangel Michael

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