understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“Now you do not understand how tremendously the Ascended Host are working with all of you at this time – what tremendous effort is being made to bring in, through, and around you every conceivable Assistance from Our Ascended Master Octave that is Invincibly Victorious over all in this world. You have no idea how much concentrated Energy and Power has been poured to the Student Body, and through you, because of the Decrees you have given for the Purification and Freedom of your Nation and the world.

Therefore, We have worked incessantly; and We will continue to work incessantly and continually to pour forth in, through, and around and to you, all the Ever-Increasing Concentration of the Miracle Manifestation that only the Sacred Fire’s Love can produce, because We want you insulated in It. We want you made strong enough to hold the Victory! We want to keep you untouched by outer world destructive conditions. And the only thing in Heaven or Earth – or anywhere else – that will ever do it, is the Sacred Love of the Sacred Fire of the “Mighty I AM Presence”, and the Ascended Host.

And the Angelic Host are Our Messengers to produce that Manifestation in the physical octave around you all, and to you all, and around your loved ones. When you call for the Protection of your loved ones, a Flame of Our Hearts’ Love of Immortal Power and Protection can go like a streak of lightning to enfold your loved ones – no matter what the condition is around that one! Our Sacred Fire Love can cut through every condition of human creation until it has no more power than a feather in a gust of wind. I want you to feel the Power of the Angelic Host tonight, and I shall make you feel It until you’re Free! (applause). Thank you so much.”

Beloved Archangel Michael

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