understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“Now at various points on the surface of the Earth there have been Temples or localities dedicated to one or more of the Angelic Host. Wherever that dedication is sincere, wherever it has been continued in recognition by unascended beings, wherever it is given attention, one or more of the Ascended Host has been established there – or have established the Focus of the Sacred Fire there – to be the Fulfillment of the constructive Calls the individuals in that location or that Temple have sent forth to Life.

The Angelic Host are the Activities of Perfection the Cosmic Law has provided. The Cosmic Law is embodied in the Great Cosmic Beings who have created this System of Worlds. Therefore, those Cosmic Beings have created certain ones of the Angelic Host who have never yet been in physical embodiment. But don’t let anybody under this Radiation ever accept there’s any such a thing as a fallen Angel. There isn’t, regardless of all the literature on the Earth.

In the first place, most of the Angelic Host are Ascended Beings. Those who have been created by the Cosmic Beings to be a Focus of – and direct the Sacred Love of the Sacred Fire’s Immortal Purity, have never come into physical embodiment; so, They couldn’t fall. This misinformation that has gone forth to mankind through the centuries is a misunderstanding and a misconcept of what has occurred in the past. So please remember: the Angelic Host are either Ascended Beings or are the Great Divine Beings of the Sacred Love of the Sacred Fire’s Almighty Purity that have never touched discord, so They can’t create anything but Perfection.

I hope to clear this concept, at least in your minds. And if you will, then there is no limit to what the Ascended Beings, the Angelic Host, can draw in, through, and around you – if you would associate with Them as consistently and as determinedly as you do every day with each other. Won’t you accept My Legions of the Angelic Host? (applause). Thank you so much Precious Ones.”

Beloved Archangel Michael

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