isis unveiled, vol 2: chapter iv (gnostic ophites)

“From the day when the founder of Christianity uttered the warning, that he who shall say to his brother, “Thou fool, shall be in danger of hell-fire”, all who have passed as its leaders, beginning with the ragged fishermen of Galilee, and ending with the jeweled pontiffs, have seemed to vie with each other in the invention of opprobrious epithets for their opponents. So we find Luther passing a final sentence on the Catholics, and exclaiming that “The Papists are all asses, put them in whatever form you like; whether they are boiled, roasted, baked, fried, skinned, hashed, they will always be the same asses.”

Calvin called the victims he persecuted, and occasionally burned, “malicious barking dogs, full of bestiality and insolence, base corrupters of the sacred writings”, etcetera. Dr. Warburton terms the Popish religion “an impious farce”, and Monseigneur Dupanloup asserts that the Protestant Sabbath service is the “Devil’s mass”, and all clergymen are “thieves and ministers of the Devil.”

The same spirit of incomplete inquiry and ignorance has led the Christian Church to bestow on its most holp apostles, titles assumed by their most desperate opponents, the “Haeretics” and Gnostics. So we find, for instance, Paul termed the vase of election “Vas Electionis”, a title chosen by Manes, the greatest heretic of his day in the eyes of the Church, Manes meaning, in the Babylonian language, the chosen vessel or receptacle. So with the Virgin Mary. They were so little gifted with originality, that they copied from the Egyptian and Hindu religions their several apostrophes to their respective Virgin-mothers. The juxtaposition of a few examples will make this clear.

Comparative Virgin-Worship 1&2

If the VirginMary has her nuns, who are consecrated to her and bound to live in chastity, so had Isis her nuns in Egypt, as Vesta had hers at Rome, and the Hindu Nari, “mother of the world” hers. The virgins consecrated to her cultus – the Devadasi of the temples, who were the nuns of the days of old – lived in great chastity, and were objects of the most extraordinary veneration, as the holy women of the goddess.

Would the missionaries and some travelers reproachfully point to the modern Devadasis, or Nautch girls? For all response, we would beg them to consult the official reports of the last quarter century, cited in chapter II., as to certain discoveries made at the razing of convents, in Austria and Italy. Thousands of infants’ skulls were exhumed from ponds, subterranean vaults, and gardens of convents. Nothing to match this was ever found in heathen lands.”

H. P. Blavatsky

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