Grateful Day, Everyone…

Beloved Mighty Victory quote 372

“Please remind yourselves that there is no Victory for destructive forces! There may be temporary domination, but Victory, never!

When you are doing your work for America, you can say: “’I AM’ all the Victory of Light which acts through the Government of America for the Protection of the people and the Freedom of Life from all that is not of the Light!” Unless you call forth the Cosmic Flame of Victory through the Heart of every individual within your borders, you are not using the Full Power of the Life Streams of the mankind in this Nation, to guard the Freedom of your Land. It takes your direct Call in the Authority of the people of America, in the use of their Free Will, to decree their Victory now made manifest as the Reigning Authority within this Land.

While It is short, this Decree would bring tremendous results to you all: “’I AM’ Victory over all human selfishness, everywhere I move!” That makes you the Flame of Victory, and not the victim of that which is of the shadows. When you are the Victory of Light, there are no shadows! When you are the Victor over all human selfishness, then indeed will the Stars sing with you and clothe you with Their Power.

May I digress just a moment and ease the minds of those of you who might not have heard the Explanation in the early Classes, concerning the Radiation and Outpouring from the various Planets of this System to the Earth? If you have touched upon fragments of astrology in the outer world, please disabuse your minds of the idea that any destructive force comes from anywhere in interstellar space to this Earth! It does not! When every Star, Sun, Planet, and System of Worlds is governed by Great Ascended Masters and Cosmic Beings of Divine Love – Transcendent in Their Beauty, Majesty, and Victory – the Force which is gathered within those Mighty Focuses of Life’s Activities, as It comes from one Planet to another or from a Sun or Star in space to Earth, carries no discordant quality to anything upon this Planet! Now please remember that!

Therefore, the “I AM” Student’s duty is to give recognition and gratitude to the Great Cosmic Beings who are such Great Outpouring of Cosmic Love to the Earth, from the various Focuses of Life’s Blessings in Infinite Space! You can well afford to send your love, gratitude, and adoration to Them; and know in return, there could never come to the Earth anything but Perfection. There never has come anything but Love and Perfection from Them in any Age, and there never will.

So, if you have touched upon the outer world’s channels in which so much misinformation has come forth, please annihilate it; and know that the Cosmic Victory of Cosmic Truth, in the Full Illumination of the Ascended Masters’ Consciousness, is the Victory of all Love to all Creation! It is Perfection without limit, and that is all which ever comes to the Earth from the rest of the Universe! Anything else that is here is of human generation and is held within the atmosphere of Earth, because it dare not go anywhere else in the Universe.” – Beloved Mighty Victory, The “I AM” Discourses

Safe, Stay Focused…And Y’all Be Love! 💜💜💜

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