understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“The Legions of the Angels of the Flaming Sword are no figment of anybody’s imagination. And if you want to know the Reality of Their Presence, ask for Their Revealment. Ask that mankind be forced to see Them in Action in the control of outer world physical conditions – because of the filth that has been imposed upon your Nation, and that which is intended to desecrate that which is of the Christ within your borders.

You are in the hour of need tonight, when the Legions of the Angels of the Flaming Sword – who project the Great Central Sun’s Cosmic Christ Blue Lightning Purity into a condition to prevent what the hordes of evil intend – not only will leash the destructive forces in the outer world, and prevent the damage they would do otherwise; but you automatically draw Protection in and around yourselves, because every Call that you send forth to the Angelic Host for the use of the Sacred Fire in the physical octave to correct conditions here will be answered, just as certainly as that Call goes forth, because that is why We are in the lower atmosphere of Earth; and We are here tonight! (applause). Thank you so much.

And the whole Nation needs Our Presence tonight and needs the Sacred Fire which We direct. And therefore, those of you who understand that Our Presence is here, who understand how to make this Call, can have Unlimited Answers to your Calls, as you set into action the Sacred Fire that must come to compel Purification – because Purification can only come through the use of the Fire Element.

There are Uncountable Legions of the Angels of the Sacred Fire in the Upper Atmosphere of Earth that can, in One Mighty Flash, silence the Nation – compel Silence to everything within your borders. And that’s what I mean by the Power of the Blue Lightning Christ and Its Immortal Purity to rule conditions here. And in the face of what is planned against the decent people within your borders, this needs to be drawn into the physical octave as soon as possible. And in calling this forth to protect what is constructive within your Land, you automatically will be enfolded in the Angelic Host’s Sacred Fire Protection also.

So when you begin to use the Angelic Host’s Miracle Mantle of Cosmic Christ Blue Lightning Control and Immortal Purity, you will have It. You will see It manifest. You will control conditions by It; and you will be protected, because the very Call itself brings Protection to all that is constructive.”

Beloved Archangel Michael

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