Grateful Day, Everyone…

Beloved Mighty Victory quote 369

“When you consider the Mighty Sanat Kumara in the Cosmic Authority which He is to the Earth, His Cosmic Love is always Victorious! My Cosmic Flame is always Victorious! The Lord Maitreya’s Cosmic Flame is always Victorious! Your Saint Germain’s Ascension was His Victory! Saint Germain, Jesus, and the Beloved Godfre know no failure! Your “Mighty I AM Presence” and Higher Mental Bodies cannot fail, nor can those of the rest of mankind! The Physical Sun cannot fail, and it pours to you nothing but Victory! 

Then, in the Name of Heaven, turn your face to that Light and that Victory! Acknowledge It! BE It! Command Its Release everywhere, until It floods forth in your atmosphere with such Power that the very ethers breathe Victory before you approach! It but takes your steady Acknowledgement of this Mighty Word, in order to bring you the outer manifestation.

I want you to feel your Cosmic Authority and Power of that Victory which “I AM”; and unless you say, “’I AM’ Victory in everything I do”, how could it manifest through you? If you don’t acknowledge It, if you don’t specify It to Life, how can It come into outer form? Oh, you specify plenty else to Life, and you get it! I am quite sure of that; and after you get it, you cannot use it! Instead of that it uses you. My Dear Ones, the Authority of your Free Will is absolutely paramount; and with the Great Creative Word “I AM”, backed up with your fierce, relentless determination, it is an Irresistible, Overwhelming Force when charged with the Power of the Sacred Fire!

In order to have more powerful release of that Flame, in order to be Victorious in Its Fullest Cosmic Action, will you remind yourselves that when anything comes to your attention, or any feeling within you that is not the great certainty and ease of the Cosmic Flame of Cosmic Victory – whenever there is any other feeling within you, will you stop right then and say, “No you don’t!” Because if you are not the Cosmic Flame of Cosmic Victory, then you are the deliberate defiance of Perfection. Anything that is not My Victory of the Purity and Perfection of Life, is deliberate defiance of the Perfection of your “Presence”.

All human stubbornness, all irritation, all battle, all domination is nothing but deliberate defiance of Perfection, and that is not Victory! So the moment anything arises in your feeling world which disturbs the ease and the happiness of the feeling of Victory, seize it, bind, and annihilate it! Blaze the Cosmic Flame of Victory in its place, and you shall be the Eternal Happiness and the Fulfillment of the Divine Plan.”

Safe, Stay Focused…And Y’all Be Love! 💜💜💜

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