understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“May you go forward clothed in the Blazing Sacred Fire Presence of the Angelic Host’s Complete Control of anything and everything in this world. And if you remember My Words tonight, if you use this in your daily experience, do not be surprised if you see Us occasionally; for one day We must step through and abide with you as you abide with each other. And to that moment shall We give you every Assistance until the shadows of the ages past have passed; and the Sunlight of Our Love becomes the Authority and the Illumining Presence about you all wherever you abide – in this world or any other.

You will never forget nor be without the Sacred Fire Purifying Love of the Angelic Host. So, I trust you will begin to feel what the Mastery of the Angelic Host means to you. And as you use Its Power, It will bring to the rest of Life the same Great Perfection to which We have attained. And We just want to fill you and your world – then through you, the world around you – with the same Supplying Presence of the Great Love from the Heart of Creation that beautifies, perfects, and supplies all things to produce only the Happiness that is the Divine Plan fulfilled.

May you feel not only Our Radiance. May you feel the Sacred Fire Presence of the Angelic Host clothing you in the Sacred Fire’s Love and Almighty Power to hold control of all conditions in this world, so discord cannot longer touch you, your loved ones, or your world – or anything where you abide. We offer you Our Protecting Presence as well as the Raising, Illumining Presence of the Angelic Host’s Enfolding Heart Flame of Purifying Love. And may It become for you your World of Manifestation. And then there are no more veils between; and wherever you abide, We abide with you. May you go forward and help Us to bring this to the consciousness of the rest of mankind until the shadows of human creation are forever removed by the Sacred Fire. Thank you with all My Heart.”

Beloved Archangel Michael


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