understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“When you call the Legions of the Angelic Host who are the Music Angels to come into the physical octave of Earth, enfold you in Their Sacred Fire Presence, and enable you to do that which Their music can do through you – and will do to purify and help perfect this world – you will just begin to know what Joy is. You have never yet touched the fragment of the Happiness that Life contains when the Angelic Host’s Music of the Spheres releases the “I AM” Perfection of all of God’s Manifestation into this world, into individuals, into the universe around you, and into everybody and everything wherever you abide.

If you care to charge your world with the Angelic Host’s Sacred Fire Presence that always supplies whatever you require from day to day or age to age, you will have some delightful experiences. And as you maintain Purity and Harmony and Obedience to your “Beloved I AM Presence” and the Ascended Host, there will be no lack of any good thing in you or your world; for I assure you, wherever the Angelic Host enfold you in Their Sacred Fire Presence, that Sacred Fire Presence contains everything you could ever use, no matter what you want to create in outer existence to fulfill the Great Divine Plan, to bless the rest of Life, to expand your own Life Stream’s complete Mastery, and to take you forward in the Victory of the Ascension.

Therefore, the Angelic Host – Their Association is imperative if you are to attain the Ascension. Therefore, the Angelic Host must be given recognition if the Ascension is to be attained. And there never was an Ascension attained in this world that there was not one or more of the Angelic Host in attendance to help the Life Stream rise into the Oneness with the Higher Mental Body until the completion of the Ascension took place. So, the Angelic Host constantly render Their tremendous Service to Life.”

Beloved Archangel Michael

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