understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“Sometimes it’s quite amusing to see mankind’s human creation try so hard to deny Our Existence, and yet all the time knowing that We are Masters over Manifestation that interferes with the destructive forces – when the momentum reaches a certain point. I hope you will have the same Joy that We do in awakening people’s consciousness to the Reality of the Angelic Host.

There is a knowledge within Life; there’s a feeling; there is an absolute awareness, an absolute certainty within Life everywhere of the existence of the Angelic Host. But the human creation and the intellect – filled with the discord of human feeling that continually tries to refute the Truth of Our Reality – is soon coming to the point where the Manifestations of the Sacred Fire will not only reveal Our Presence, but will reveal the consuming of the human creation. 

So, there is much Education coming to the consciousness of the human beings in this world as the time approaches when the human creation must, by Cosmic Law and Cosmic Command, cease existence.

You can have tremendous Assistance from the Angelic Host in your homes, your business, your associations with people of the outer world – with anything and everything you do in this world – because the Ascended Masters are Master Authority over all in this world; and They are the Angels – or They are something! The Sacred Fire is Master over all manifestation. And the Angelic Host of the Sacred Fire who have never yet embodied, I assure you, are Masters of the Sacred Fire!

I am offering you an Association tonight for Eternity with the Master Presence of the Angelic Host’s Sacred Fire Purity of Immortal Love that never did and never can and never will create anything but Perfection – sustain It, expand It, and forever blaze the Joy of the Great Central Sun’s Perfection of Eternity. So, when you accept Our Sacred Fire Presence with you in daily association, you will open the Door and let Us do for you many things that none others can do, because none others but the Ascended Masters are the Authority for Its Manifestation in this world.”

Beloved Archangel Michael

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